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George Piper has been working with the 1911 pattern pistol since 1997 and gunsmithing professionally since graduating from Colorado School of Trades in 2001.


My philosophy on building your 1911:


Though I can build any style sidearm requested, my main area is the daily carry. One of my best friends at school and I coined a term, "The hard knocks gun".


This is what I want to build for you. The one gun out of the rest of your collection, that you always choose to carry. The one that fits you so well that it is carried and shot more than any others. In all climates, terrains, and situations. And in a few years scratched, and beaten, it is still so functional, dependable, and comfortable, that you choose it no matter what else you may own. Of course after I build your "one gun", I will happily build you another.